A Short Trip to Chail

Life gets boring following a set routine every day and that is the time when we lookout for short vacations to rejuvenate and relax.


Recently, I planned a short trip to Chail, Himachal Pradesh with few of my friends. We opted for a road trip to enjoy travelling to the maximum. Chail is small hill station nestled around 44 km from Shimla and it 336 km from Delhi.


While researching about the place, I got to know many facts about this lesser known town. Like it is the proud home to the highest cricket ground in the world and also used to be a summer retreat for King of Patiala, whose palace in now converted into a hotel so that tourist can experience the royalty of bygone era along with the phenomenal beauty of Chail.


Expecting a pleasant weather in Chail and confirming it via weather apps, we started a journey around 8.30 from Delhi. The route taken by us was Delhi->Chandigarh->Solan->Chail. It generally takes around 6-7 hours to reach Chail from Delhi but it took us almost 9hrs to reach due to heavy traffic and construction going on the highway.


The tiredness starts vanishing, mood was uplifted as I start getting the view of mystical mountains of Himachal. Tall trees, dense forests, waterfalls started fascinating me. The way to Chail becomes more scenic after the diversion towards Sadhupul, the altitude starts increasing so does the forest and sharp turns. I wanted to capture every single scenic view outside my car window. We were following a small water stream flowing down the valley, which we finally crossed at Sadhupul and moved ahead to Chail.


We opted to stay 8kms away from the market of Chail to experience peace and the beauty that this place has to offer. It was time for the sunset by the time we reached the hotel, the orange rays were spreading across the blue sky and mountains peaks were bidding goodbye to the sun.


The air was so fresh and pollution free, we literally felt that our lungs are getting some quality stuff now. We opted to have dinner at Maple resort, enjoyed dinner thoroughly watching hundreds of twinkling stars in the sky.

The second day was full of excitement and fun. Chail is enveloped with the dense forest which consists of Deodar and pine trees. There are many treks for the adventure freaks but I chose to explore the roads rather than the forest. Finally, we reached the main market of Chail which consist of few restaurants offering simple food and shops selling Himalayan wine and pickle. After a quick shopping and refueling session, it was time to return back to Sadhupul which is one of the most popular picnic spots here.


This place is famous for its restaurants situated on the both sides of the stream and you can have your meal siting near the water and enjoy the breathtaking view of mountains. After spending quality time, we began our journey to Kasauli which is a nearby town. The way to kasauli has many scenic views of mountains and forest but the town doesn’t have much to offer. One can try the southern gate café which offers decent food options.


Now it’s was the time to big goodbye to Himachal and return to Delhi’s heat and pollution, we took the same to route to return and reached Delhi by 1 am.


I would surely recommend a short trip to Chail, this place is very scenic and holds its natural charm.  The place comprises of dense Deodar forest which seems to be never-ending.  One side of the roads will sometimes have mountains on one side and deep valleys or breathtaking farming belts on the other side. Try to stop at the places which are very scenic and spend some quality time, this will surely fill your bags with lots of photographs and memories. In spite of exploring Kasauli, one can explore Kufri which is a bit ahead of Chail.